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We pride ourselves in our high retention rate of candidates.

Goal Orientated

We are committed to providing lasting talent solutions.

Level 1 BEE Compliant

100% owned by a Black female as per BBBEE requirements.

Premium Placements is an owner managed business created by Varsha Dolatrai and building on the company’s success is her partner in crime Kirsten Labuschagne.


Varsha Dolatrai

My family have been instrumental in shaping my core beliefs and values, my parents were exceptionally hardworking and taught my siblings and I to help and cheer other’s success.

At a young age, I was fortunate enough to work in an entry level Recruitment Administrator role for a UK based company allowing me to fund my studies. Whilst juggling work and studying I graduated with a BCom Honours Degree in Marketing.  My introduction to recruitment made me soon realise that people fascinate me! Their career aspirations and personal development inspired me to be part of their journey.  There is something so soul fulfilling knowing that I assisted a graduate to land their first dream job or securing employment for a single parent that was finding it tough to make ends meet or just to hear an ecstatic voice when offering a candidate a role that’s going to take them leaps and bounds in their career.  Fast-forward and 16 years later I am making the most of the recruitment space, I LOVE WHAT I DO!!

Kirsten Labuschagne

“Firm but fair”. This statement describes me perfectly. As someone who comes from an accounting background, I have learnt what hard work entails and all about being committed and loyal and serving with responsibility and purpose.

Recruitment is a new field that I have come to love and enjoy over recent years. The thrill of placing a candidate in a role they are excited about or having clients’ happy with our service, is complete job satisfaction. I am being pushed out of my comfort zone on an ongoing basis and I love how this adds to my own personal development and growth.

I look forward to the future and seeing where Premium Placements will go. The future certainly looks bright and exciting!

Premium Placements Are Ready To Serve You.

We assist with Financial, Office Support, Human Recourses, Retail and Supply Chain positions.

We assist with Financial, Office Support, Human Recourses, Retail and Supply Chain positions.

With a thorough technical understanding of the roles and responsibilities of employees, as well as the processes within the various industries, we offer specialist recruitment services to clients and career seekers, whilst complying with all APSO standards.

 We are a level 1 certified BEE compliant entity and Premium Placements is 100% owned by a Black female as per BBBEE requirements.

Why us?

Our approach is designed to fulfil the needs of each individual and company in order to achieve the perfect match between the candidate and the business.

 We apply a hands on approach to each placement, meeting candidates needs while scrutinizing their skill sets in order to assess their ability to deliver to their role’s specifications.


100% owned by a Black female as per BBBEE requirements


Premium Placements prides itself in its high retention rate of candidates. To have a thorough understanding of what is required and to match the best skill set through trust, communication, confidentiality and integrity.


To exceed our client expectations by offering a service that will identify suitable candidates for long term careers with our client companies. We are committed to providing lasting talent solutions to both our candidates and our clients.

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Meet the Team

Varsha Dolatrai

Owner/Recruitment Consultant

Kirsten Labuschagne

Financial Manager/Recruitment Consultant

Kate Harel

Recruitment Administrator

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